Tools and approaches to off-world research, healthcare and diagnostics.

Our tools are out of this world

Firefly Biotech specialises in advanced technology development, supplying cutting edge approaches that underpin space medicine. Founded in response to the insufficient availability of appropriate tools that allow research biologists access to space environments for their research.

A thought leader in space healthcare tools.

Microgravity simulation

The worlds first open-source dual axis clinostat

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Advanced tissue culture consumables

Combining materials chemistry with PC2 workflows to develop bespoke microgravity tissue culture solutions

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Space health diagnostics

The next generation of rapid healthcare tools to support the average person living and working in space

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Advanced rapid prototyping

Using the latest tools and technologies to always be on the cutting edge of fast, high quality medical prototypes

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Firefly Biotech is a graduate of the 2021 Innovation and Collaboration Centre Startup Incubator program

An incubator supporting early-stage startups by providing workspace, mentoring and funding

Firefly Biotech is a proud member of the South Australian space startup community.

Driving innovation through collaboration

Less work, more flow

An integrated toolset with validated workflows that ease the burden on the aspiring space biologist.
You do the science, let us get you into space.


OpenMicrogravity Open Source algorithms that drive a dual axis clinostat


Linking the parts of the puzzle to make biology experiments in microgravity easy

Space Simulation

Our own low-cost and fully featured dual axis clinostat

Tissue Culture systems

Integrated tissue culture solutions optimised for long-term microgravity experiments

Remote diagnostics

Translating tissue culture monitoring systems for the space medical sector

Medical prototyping

Using cutting-edge Industry 4.0 technology to deliver the next generation of medical device prototypes