Dr Giles Kirby, the founder and chief scientist of South Australia company Firefly Biotech — one of the nine startups chosen — said the program will help speed up the pace of development.

“I think having that centralised spot in the city along with the training and support, it really helps build a community,” said Kirby.

“We are moving so much faster than we would have been able to by ourselves and it feels like they are really investing in the future of Australia.

“It’s really nice to see some market growth in a market that has got a lot of potential in the next 10 years.”

Firefly Biotech develops tools and processes to make biological research in space accessible, with developments such as microgravity simulators.

“We are currently getting our tools into the hands of the people using them, developing some alpha models to get them out there, get them refined, get them used,” Kirby said.


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